KirbyMorgan helmet


KirbyMorgan helmet

Type: metal keychain

Dimensions: metal part 35x35mm, wtotal length 150mm

Weight: 95g / 3,3oz

Materials used: metal, paracord rope, plastic

Time from order to shipping: about 1 month + shipping time

The figure has the original Kirby Morgan helmet and JFD rebreather. Images of the SuperLite® helmet and Cobra is a Registered Trademark belonging to Kirby Morgan Dive Systems and JFD, used with permission.

Paracord color:

21,00 €


Metal keychain with hook. The keychain is made of a zinc-bismuth metal alloy. Hand-cast in low-volume production. After casting, the element is manually ground and polished. A Paracord rope with a carabiner is attached to the keychain.

The keychain is a reproduction of real diving equipment with all proportions and details preserved. Some simplifications are introduced in the model due to the production process, and each casting may slightly differ from each other

The keychain can be easily attached to various items such as trousers, backpacks, bags, keys or diving equipment. The keychain has its own weight, so you feel that it is there. Perfect to keep your hands busy and de-stress ;)