• Who are we?

    We are a group of people, our passion ... Diving :)


Who are we?

We are a group of people, our passion ... Diving :)

In diving topic, we are familiar, we know the computer graphics and design. We combined some of these skills and with the help of some friends created the first diving statue. We still have a lot of ideas that are sure to become new, unique diving figure. Often dive on wrecks of the Baltic Sea where you can meet us, welcome the opportunity to talk and tell you about our work.

See you in the water!


How to arise figures?

Our figures are accurate reflection of reality. Each element is dimensioned on the original equipment and transferred to a computer. Based on virtual models we producted finished figurines elements. Thanks to the 3D graphics we can capture every little item that will later be pleasing to the eye.

Each figure is hand-painted by the artist which guarantees excellent quality. The figures are painted with reproduction of materials such as metal, rubber, leather, copper, glossy paint and others.Figurines can be classified as a product collector.

Each order is hand-assembled and painted with the most accuracy. Our figurines are used in a variety of materials so the hoses and bands are rubber, springs are metal and base with plexiglass.


Packing and shipping

Each figure is carefully packaged to reach the owner in one piece. All figurines are packed in dedicated foam extrusions that perfectly fit the figurine and prevent shocks. To all packages we add stickers for your diving box and other place and leaflet with a rebate code for the next shopping and our news. :)

We shiping our figurines on all the world, and they always arrive safely. Our figurines have already shipped to China, Australia, USA, Russia, Mexico, South Africa, South Korea and many other parts of the world.