LED 70W SPOT + 9Ah SeaYa


LED 70W SPOT + 9Ah SeaYa

The light head with the highest power output with 3-step regulation.


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  • We have a full offer with all additions and modifications. If you want any modifications in the flashlight, write to us modelsfordivers@gmail.com
  • Please contact us before purchasing to determine the shipping cost. Due to the new law, you cannot send a large capacity battery. The flashlight is sent directly from the Seaya factory by a special courier.
  • The flashlight is available as an option in our figurines. So you can order a figurine with the same flashlight as you buy.
    Light source: 7x CREE® XP-L HI
    Power: max. 70 W
    Luminance: max. 8400 lm
    Colour temperature: 5700 °K
    Light distribution angle: 10°
    Modes: 100%-50%-20% /-OFF*
    Max. operating depth: 150 m
    Head dimensions (length x diameter): 86 mm x 74/60 mm
    Colour: black, red, blue, green
    Made of: anodized aluminum
    Type of handle: Goodman or Mini-G
    Battery pack capacity   13.8 Ah 24.15 Ah 41.4 Ah
    Charging time   8 h** 5 h 8.5 h
    Weight on the surface   2.1 kg 2.7 kg 3.7 kg
    Weight in water   0.8 kg 1.1 kg 1.5 kg