Old Heavy Diver - large scale


Old Heavy Diver - large scale

Type: collectible figurine

Diver height: diver with base 19,5cm

Materials used:: resin, rubber, magnets, acrylic paints, varnish satin 

Time from order to shipping: about 4 month + shipping time (depends on the country of delivery)


Category:Ready figurine

This is new big scale version of figure. Old heavy diver now have the same scal as Commercial diver.

Figurine shows diver fully dressed in a suit, helmet and other accessories, standing on the platform, which in a few moments will go with him in the depths of the ocean.The diver has a professional hand made painting, which reproduces materials such as metal, leather or rubber. The set included flexible rubber hoses and foldable parts with magnets

Historical note: Standard diving suit consists a helmet made of copper, brass or bronze, wires run from the surface supplying diver through air pumps, waterproof suit is made of rubber and canvas.. Next elements are knife and weights, which are located on the waist belt or, as in other models are suspended on the chest and back, have aimed at preventing large dry suit displacement. Later models were equipped with a telephone for voice communication with the surface.

- Each figurine is hand-painted, the painting may slightly differ from that of the photographs.

- The button to order a figurine is at the bottom of the list of parts ►►

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Old heavy diver figure

Old heavy diver figure

175,00 €

Diver figure fully painted by the artist. The figure has magnetic parts for easy assembly and soft rubber hoses.

Old diving helmet KeyChain

Old diving helmet KeyChain

21,00 €

16,00 €

Metal keychain with hook. The keychain is made of a zinc-bismuth metal alloy. Hand-cast in low-volume production. After casting, the element is manually ground and polished. A Paracord rope with a carabiner is attached to the keychain.

  • The promotion is available only when purchased together with a figurine.

Paracord color:



49,00 €

The case perfectly protects the figure against dust and other factors. The case is made to measure for a given type of figurine. The dimensions are 15,2x12,5x23cm. It is made of transparent and white plexiglass.

Lighting stand

Lighting stand

79,00 €

Show your passions olso in the dark. The lighting stand will make your figurine visible, details will be shown. The stand has a modern look that fits into every interior, a combination of wood and metal. The stand is connected to the power via the mains adapter. The plug fits the Type C socket. Cable length 2m. The dimensions are 16x14,5x29,5cm.

  • Dust protection case fits perfectly into Lighting stand.