FreeDiver Monofin

Type: collectible figurine

Dimensions: diver with base 21,5 cm

Materials used:: resin, metal, acrylic paints, varnish satin and glossy

Time from order to shipping: about 2 month + shipping time


color wet suit:


Infinite availability

59,00 €

Category:Ready figurine

"Freediver Monofin" is a collectible figurine diver who coming down with paused breath. The figure presents a diver wearing a suit, ballast on neck, mask or no mask, computer, and monofin. The character is captured at the moment of rising from the depths.

The diver's figure is hand-painted with reproduction of materials such as glass, gum, skin and others. You can choose the color and texture of the suit from the list available. The fins, computer, mask and neck weight are black. 



- each figurine is hand painted, the painting of a moro suit may differ from that of the photographs.

- water sticks with logo and text on back and fin are examples and will not be on your figure

- if you want own water sticks on suit or fin with logo or some text please write to us email for more information. Minimum order is 5 copies.

- if you want to have a figurine with your own unique suit pattern and colors or a different fin color, please write to us email