Poster 01


Poster 01

Limited Edition 300 copies

Offset printing method

chalk paper 200g

Sizes: 480 x 680 mm


Available items: 248

15,50 €

Category:Limited Edition


Limited series of Posters, with graphic created especially for modelsfordivers by the artist. A professional print is applied to the paper by Offset. The poster is of good quality thick paper. The poster is sold without a frame and sent in a tube in the form of rolls.


The graphics were created especially for the needs of a series of 300 shirts and 300 posters. Each t-shirt and poster has its serial number from 1 to 300. After selling out, it will not be possible to buy a T-shirt with such a design or poster.


The graphics fills the entire poster. It consists of 8 colors that create the nature and depth of graphics. The graphic depicts the fight of an old diver with an octopus. The diver's figure is modeled on our OldHeavyDiver figurine, which is available in our store.