Commercial Diver - IronMan style


Commercial Diver - IronMan style

Type: Limited Edittion 25 copies

Dimensions: diver with base 21 cm height

Materials used: resin, rubber, metal,magnets, acrylic paints, varnish

Time from order to shipping: about 3 month + shipping time


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Category:Limited Edition

"Commercial diver - IronMan style"

This is a limited edition (25 figures) of the original commercial diver figurine. If there is interest, it will be the first Commercial diver in the series. The entire series will allude to spuer heroes from all over the world.

The figurine has been completely repainted, which is modeled on the IronMan armor from the Marvel movies. All colors are red, silver and gold. In addition, there is blue light in the addition valve that simulates the IronMan core from the movies. The light can be turned on and off by removing the batteries, which are hidden under the diving cylinder.


The figure has the original Kirby Morgan helm, The figurine shows diver fully dressed in a suit, helmet and other accessories, standing on the platform and ready for heavy-duty work.The diver has a professional hand-painted parts that reproduces materials such as metal, fabric or a rubber. The set includes flexible rubber hoses. We worked with commercial divers and took many photos documenting the appearance of each part. Additional research allowed us for accurate capture of the details.

Images of the SuperLite® helmet is a Registered Trademark belonging to Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, Inc. used with permission.


Magnetic system of connecting elements.
All parts have magnets, making assembly easy and pleasant. We leave the assembly of the figurine to you.
Thanks to magnetic connectors, parts are easy to replace with new ones. In the future, we will definitely add new items that you can order and easily replace.



- magnetic parts, easy to assemble

- each figurine is hand-painted, the painting may slightly differ from that of the photographs.

- limited eddition only 25 copies

- LED light