Figures of wrecks from around the world. It depends on you how many wrecked figures will be available. Do you have a diving center, shop or a dive boat? Write to us and order the wreck where you dive.

It's simple:
- you send to us information about your wreck : plans, photos, video, historical photos, 3d model.
- we check the materials for quality. They must include a clear look of wreck
- we create figurine based on materials form you.
- minimum first order is 25 figures. in the next order you can order even one wreck figure.




The offer of wreck figurines is mainly directed to diving centers, shops and diving boats. We offer you creating a wreck figurine, where you dive. It is an ideal souvenir and very good material for discussing diving. 

All interested persons are welcome to contact us for a full offer. 
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